A vicious beating at the Schenectady County Jail left a former inmate with serious injuries and two jail employees terminated.

On Monday 33-year-old John Mannarino was arrested and taken to the Schenectady County Jail, charged with criminal mischief. He was arraigned and released on his own volition, then returned back to the jail to be properly released.

While jail employees were processing Mr. Mannarino’s paperwork, he complained that the process was taking too long. Apparently, the jail guard, Eugene Sellie, became upset with Mr. Mannarino’s complaints and escorted him to a room that he knew was not under video surveillance.

It was while the two men were in that room that the jail guard began to viciously beat the victim. After the beating, the jail guard escorted Mr. Mannarino from the facility and left him outside.

A patrol officer who was driving by the jail happened to see the injured man outside of the jail. He was so severely injured that the patrol officer stopped to render assistance.

Mr. Mannarino was transported to Ellis Hospital by ambulance where he is still being treated. He sustained a punctured lung, a fractured collarbone, broken ribs and other injuries.

Because of this incident, Eugene Sellie and former sergeant Timothy Bruce have both been terminated. Sellie was terminated for viciously attacking Mr. Mannarino and Sergeant Bruce was terminated for not intervening on the injured man’s behalf. It is unclear if Sergeant Bruce actually witnessed the attack, but he is still being held accountable for not intervening.

Mr. Mannarino has not commented on the attack yet, but we certainly wish him a speedy recovery.

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