Police supporters came out on Saturday to hold a, “Back the Blue” rally in front of the state capital in Albany. Counter-protesters with “Black Lives Matter“, also showed up and there were some tense moments when a slight skirmish broke out between the two groups.

Back the Blue members came out to show their support for police officers and other first responders. One police supporter, Justin Miller, is an EMS worker and firefighter. He was there because he felt that people in uniform are crucially important to our republic. In addition, Blue Lives Matter supporter, Peggy Donnelly, says that she had some very productive conversations with members of the Black Lives Matter group.

According to Spectrum News, Spectrum News, Black Lives Matter protesters were calling for police reforms and asking for justice for the black men and women, who have died at the hands of police, in Albany and all over the nation.

Lukee Forbes from One People United said, “This is something that’s been going on for 429 years. There’s no reason why these people are able to stand here and act like nothings going on.”

Bugati Holly, of GNN, explained that there is a big difference between defunding the police department and abolishing the police department. He said that we need reforms and that nobody wants the police department to literally be abolished.

There was a time during the day that chaos broke out, and there was a small fight. Police officers were able to step in and diffuse the tensions, and the rally was able to continue. New York State Police reported that no one was injured at the event and that no one had been arrested.

It seems like both groups were able to get their points across. It doesn’t seem that their opinions were very different. The people supporting, “Back the Blue” believe that police officers' lives are important and that they are an important part of our society.

Members of “Black Lives” believe the same thing, and they realize that the police officers play an important role in our society. They are only asking for police officers to obey the same laws that they enforce. If all lives matter, then certainly Black Lives Matter!

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