WSMV Channel 4

28-year-old correctional officer Kenyetta Foxe was arrested after she admitted to sleeping with an inmate at the Tennessee Department of Correction at the Riverbend Maximum Security Institution in Nashville. She told authorities she slept with the same inmate on two different occasions.

The inmate, Michael Daniels, 28, was sentenced to prison in 2008 and is serving a life sentence, plus 23 years for murder. After her arrest she was fired. But, someone at the local TV station took the time to go through her social media accounts and found Kenyetta is friends with several inmates on Facebook and Instagram and openly communicates with them.....

After she got fired and arrested, she didn't think to delete these people off of her instagram and face book ? I just don't get it, she will probably end up in a prison cell before this is all said and done. You have got to be smarter Kenyette geeeshh.