Rapper Big Sean & actress Naya Rivera from "Glee" call off their engagement after just 6 months. What went wrong?

Well, there were a bunch of 2014 weddings lined up....Kanye & Kim, Future & Ciara, Kelly Rowland & Tim Witherspoon. Celeb couples Brandy & Ryan Press just called off their engagement a couple of weeks ago & now Big Sean & Naya Rivera are the next couple headed for splittsville in Hollywood.

So what went wrong here? Well despite rumors of infidelity on Big Sean's part, the rapper denies such rumors.  It is said he is the one who called off the engagement. probably to save face!

If you ask me, they got too hot too quick, didn't know each other that well & the sizzle fizzled out.  That in addition to the fact he is a rapper on tour & yall know how that goes! I would not be at all surprised if Big Sean did cheat.

Oh well, another one bites the dust! One less wedding in Hollywood this year!