While we patiently wait for the OutKast reunion to happen in April, Big Boi releases a new track for his Mash-Up Monday series.

This time, he takes 'Gossip' from his album, 'Vicious Lies and Dangerous Rumors,' and merges it with Big Oyster Cult’s '70s song 'Godzilla.' The end result is a stankalicious banger called 'GossipZilla.'

And for all of you sample heads out there, 3rd Bass also flipped the same sample on their 1991 song 'Problem Child.'

Over the Blue Oyster Cult guitar riff, the Atlanta rhymer flexes his rap muscles and speaks the truth on why he’s the best rapper in the game.

"No introductions needed / Boy, just call me the undefeated / And underneath this Georgia drawl, I know I can't be seen with 
bifocals / Because my vocals are classic like Coca Cola / When they had cocaine in the package," he raps.

The song is also special because it features guest verses from King B.R.I.T., Bun B and the late Pimp C from UGK.

In addition to the song, Big Boi dropped an eye-popping visual that you will stare at for hours. The colorful video takes viewers on a ride inside a video game in which the gunner shoots eyeballs, a fuzzy screen, video cameras and among other things.

Take a psychedelic trip with Daddy Fat Sacks below.

Listen to Big Boi's 'GossipZilla' Feat. King B.R.I.T. x UGK and Blue Oyster Cult

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