After what seems like endless teasers, fans are FINALLY getting to hear Beyonce's track 'Rise Up' in full and high-definition. The song, which she recorded for the movie 'Epic,' was co-written by Sia and produced by Hit-Boy.

Beyonce, who voices Queen Tara in the flick, sings on the midtempo, lyrically inspirational track, "I’ll make you know that / When you need to take my hand / Come into my arms / I'll keep you safe from harm / I'll keep your precious heart." Seems like Blue Ivy was in mind when Bey and Sia wrote this song.

The guitar-driven track sets the perfect backdrop for Beyonce's truly stellar vocals -- and isn't this what the purpose of the track was for, after all? The diva sings on the chorus, "Fight for you and me / Look into my eyes and believe / We are one we will fight we will fight / We are one we will fight we will rise." Even on a track for movie, Beyonce lets her girl-power mentality shine through.

We thought it kind of weird that fans are finally getting a high-quality and full listen to the track even though the movie came out back on May 24. What was the hold-up, Queen Bey? We guess being so epic takes time and hard work...