This past Sunday (April 30), Beyonce had the fashion world in a tizzy when she and her hubby, Jay Z, appeared courtside at the Los Angeles Clippers’ final game of the NBA playoffs. The very pregnant R&B queen was dressed head to toe in Gucci and yes, she was mighty mighty.

But for those who wanted to see a full rundown of her ensemble, the Queen Bey posted a video above on her Instagram page of her fabulous courtside date night outfit. Set to The Commodores’ funky 1977 hit “Brick House,” Beyonce showed off her beautiful belly in her Gucci ensemble, which People reports cost $7,560.

According to the celebrity website, the R&B mom donned a black embroidered floral evening jacket ($5,450) with matching pants and top along with a $1,790 “Modern Future” brocade drawstring backpack -- all from Gucci’s spring/summer 2017 collection. During halftime, Beyonce cooled herself down with a $450 Gucci-branded paper fan.

As for her accessories, Beyonce wore semi-rimless sunglasses in leopard acetate and gold metal by Gentle Monster, which retail for $320. She also had on $555 worth of Dylanlex jewelry and a $390 antique silver-plated choker covered with Swarovski crystals and pearls.

Overall, Beyonce is stacked and that's a fact and she ain't holding nothing back. Owww!

Beyonce is still showing off her glorious belly in some designer duds on IG. Check them out below.

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