Is there anything more disgusting than human waste? Be honest, even your own doo doo grosses you out. The only thing else than your own poo, is someone else’s poo. Bethlehem residents were stuck in a frustrating situation during last week’s heat wave, when the Elm Avenue Pool Complex had to shut down the pool after THREE different brown log incidents.

The most graphic instance of the Hershey squirts required the pool to be shut down for three hours. Luckily the pros over there know what they’re doing when it comes to clean-up. The process includes vacuuming and super chlorinated disinfectant. If Mike Rowe’s “Dirty Jobs” were still on television, he’d be all over this.

The town sent emails asking residents to provide their young children with swim diapers and warned both adults and children to stay out of the pool if they have diarrhea.

I’ve been getting more and more queasy the more I write – that’s enough. I apologize if you’re in the middle of lunch!