This year it's predicted that the holidays will be more expensive than ever. For that reason alone you need to be careful with your money and be even more cautious to avoid holiday scams.

Every year the Better Business Bureau puts out their list of holiday scams, and this year is no different. If anything there are even more this year. I think the increase in online scams is due to last year's holiday season with so many people doing so much more online because of the pandemic.

I personally know of at least one person that fell victim to the holiday secret Santa scam where you send out one $10 gift card and you're supposed to get 10 gift cards back in return. I get it, it's fun to think you're just doing something fun to get a "reward" , but it's not fun when you find out that someone stole your credit card number and charged thousands of dollars in stuff at Best Buy.

One of the biggest scams that happen during the holidays is fake charities soliciting donations. That's why the BBB recommends people make donations on the actual charities website and not from some link on social media.

Here are the 12 most common holiday scams to be aware of.

Bah Humbug! 12 Holiday Scams To Be Aware Of This Year

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