After her controversial confrontation with Russell Crowe, it appears that Azealia Banks is back focusing on her music. On Tuesday (Nov. 1), the Harlem rapper went on her Facebook page and shared with her fans an unreleased demo that was earmarked for Rihanna.

The song, “La Dominadora,” which translate to “The Dominant Woman," was produced by Hit-Boy and was reportedly created for the pop superstar.

The moody song features wailing guitars and clacking percussions. Banks delivers her saucy rhymes over the chaotic productions.

“This is sexy, persuasive,” she rhymes. “My house on 40 acres / I wake up, count cake up / That’s million-dollar pay stubs / Bunch of lawyers and bankers / E-mail me my statements / Rubber band, silver Lam’ / Hundred grand in my Jacob / I see your man, he a fan, you a hater / You know Rih gettin’ cash.”

There's no official word from Rihanna's camp if this was an actual demo for her. It seems tailor-made for Banks, however.

What do you think of the song? Tell us in the comments below.

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