Tyga has settled his jewelry debts, at least in part, paying Jason of Beverly Hills $100,000 of the $200,000 he owes, TMZ reports. Tyga's lawyers appeared in court Tuesday (Nov. 1) telling a judge that the rapper would make good on the outstanding debt, paying it in full by Nov. 17.

Last month, Tyga became ill when questioned about his finances, specifically how much he spends on gifts for girlfriend Kylie Jenner, such as the Maybach he bought her in August for her 19th birthday. He reportedly lost his memory and became confused, telling the lawyer who represents the jeweler that he couldn’t go on any further. Jason of Beverly Hills has hired the same lawyers who represented Tyga’s former landlord and reached settlement with the rapper over unpaid fees. Seeing that he paid to settle his debt elsewhere, the jeweler had retained the same legal representation and appears to have reached a similar resolution.

Tyga's finances have been the topic of much discussion throughout the year particularly as he's had vehicles repossessed. With a new deal with G.O.O.D. Music though, it isn't all money out. How Tyga manages his checkbook from here on out might change, though with Christmas around the corner the pricey gifts may keep rolling in. In late September it was reported that he was missing payments on his mom's Range Rover Evoque, which retails for about $60,000.

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