Though she deleted her Twitter account last week, Azealia Banks is still making noise on social media and threw shots at Rihanna on Instagram.

In a video posted by photographer Sailey Williams, Rihanna is doing her rendition of "voguing" during one of the opening weekend shows of her ANTI World Tour. Upon seeing the vid, Banks hopped in the comments and criticized the superstar's dance moves while praising FKA Twigs.

"[FKA] Twigs vogues way better than this," wrote Banks. "This looks really bad."

The comment continues Azealia's affinity to fuel the beef between her and Rihanna. When the "Work" video premiered, Banks took to Twitter and insinuated that the ANTI singer is a pill-popper. "'Work' video reminds me of 'Baby Boy' video with Sean Paul, except not as fly," she tweeted. "All these fucking pill-popping divas doing the least, shit is boring. Get these hoes a coffee and a pair of boxing gloves "

After the release of ANTI in January, the Harlem rapper once again chimed in and called RiRi's music unfocused. "The point of being versatile is not to just throw a bunch of random genres together," the Broke With Expensive Taste artist tweeted. "There is an art to making a BODY of work. Meaning it needs a head, two legs and two arms. Not a big gut and tex legs."

The root of the beef stems from Azealia being cut from ANTI. Unsurprisingly, Banks aired out her grievances on social media, tweeting, "These girls seek me out, ask for my help then get intimidated when they find out how easy it is for me to re-create and re-vamp their sound. Like, I would really rather not be approached to collab, especially if everyone is going to chicken out. Lol."

Azealia has had a long history of beefing on social media. XXL has compiled a list of her most memorable Twitter beefs.

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