Kanye West isn't done with The Life of Pablo.

The mercurial rapper/producer has made it known that he isn't finished working on the project, which was released to streaming services back in February; and a Reddit user has already noticed some revisions to one of the album's most controversial tracks:  "Famous."

"Famous just got patched," posted Reddit user Jay Elect. "1:23-1:25 and 1:49-1:51 are changed, 'She in school to be a real estate agent/last month I helped her with the car payments' and the transition to the bam bam breakdown is changed.

"1:01 - 1:17 is also different," they continued. "Sounds like Nina Synomes vocals are layered under Rihanna's. Rihanna's vocals in general have a lot more reverb. Not as ear piercingly loud as she was before."

He's also changed the title of "Silver Surfer Intermission" to" Siiiiiiiiilver Surffffeeeer Intermission." It's unclear what sparked the "Famous" lyric change, considering Ye kept the headline-grabbing reference to Taylor Swift intact.

Those are the only changes anyone has apparently noticed thus far. Kanye recently also announced that he plans to drop more music this year; and he's also claimed that he will no longer be releasing albums on physical CDs.

Let's just say this: continuing to make changes to an album after you've already released it to the public (via the most over-complicated and head-scratching rollout in recent memory, no less) is very, very Kanye.