Meet Florida-based rapper, T. Rone. He’s the latest Cash Money Records signee to Birdman’s label, Brooklyn Knights. The relationship began when his single, “Hello Love”, caught the attention of Baby.

“When Slim and I heard ‘Hello Love’ on Miami’s 99 Jamz, we knew we had made the right decision,” said Birdman.

T. Rone is ecstatic to join the roster. “I’ve been a huge fan of Cash Money Records my whole life. Where I come from, Cash Money Records is considered the real label. They came from the streets, just like myself and many of my peers.”

Much like any aspiring artist, T has been the victim of online haters. Must mean he’s doing something right! Many are calling him a T-Pain knockoff. The similarities are fair – both stage names begin with “T”, they both rock dreads like nobody’s business, and they both share a massive affection for auto-tune.

The last time we did an artist spotlight, Trinidad James became a household name for hip hop fans. Will T. Rone experience the same success? Take a listen to a few of his joints and let us know.