While recovering from having a wisdom tooth extracted, pretty girl and powerhouse singer Ariana Grande took to Twitter to share lots and lots of details about her upcoming single 'Problem.'

She was generous with information, sharing it with Arianators all over her social media feeds. No one is complaining about her being forthright, either!

Grande shared a selfie without makeup, obscuring her swollen cheek from the wisdom tooth extraction. She is naturally stunning, regardless of her lack of cosmetics.

Grande also posted some variations of the single's sexy artwork, and this one finds her seated and wearing white thigh highs and heels. That's where she pretty much gave away the fact that Iggy Azalea is featured on the track.

More artwork and more sexiness. Grande is rocking it with the lollipop and on the back of that motorcycle, isn't she? She was criticized for the original artwork of her debut 'Yours Truly,' which spotlighted her wearing a sexy lingerie-style outfit. It was quickly replaced with something less racy.

The Aussie rapper shared her excitement about teaming up with the little girl with the big voice, which Grande retweeted.

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