It’s Christmas Eve 2020, and for most people in the world, this is a very different holiday season. Many families will practice social distancing this year, and some will continue their family tradition of spending Christmas Day together. What are your plans, do you plan to practice social distancing this year?

Health officials have warned us that traveling during the holiday season is not a wise thing to do. Authorities recommend that Americans celebrate Christmas with only the people in their household.

Although we’ve seen airports jam-packed with holiday travelers, AAA predicts that at least 34 million fewer Americans plan to travel this holiday season. AAA believes that at least 84.5 million Americans still intend to travel from December 23 to January 3, 2021.

I know for myself personally, it would be great to see my family during this holiday season. Most of my family lives outside of the Capital Region, but we usually get together for the holidays. This year will look very different for me and my household. I intend to visit with my family virtually.

I understand why so many people want to get together this holiday season. 2020 has been a year like no other, and we’re still learning how to live in a healthy way during a pandemic.

I’ve weighed all of the options and I feel that a virtual visit is a smart thing to do right now. I want my family to be here so that we can visit each other in the physical form next year.

What are your plans, will you continue your Christmas tradition in person, or are you willing to stay apart and visit virtually?

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