Imagine not being able to watch your favorite artists’ video on YouTube. For artists like Macklemore, Adele and many other independent artists, this can become a reality under YouTube’s plan to attempt to give its site and business plan a major overhaul.

According to, YouTube is getting ready to change the entire landscape of their operation in order to bring in more revenue. In the last couple of months, YouTube has signed licensing deals with most of the major record labels (or what’s left of them) in order to keep their content on the site after its re-launch with their new subscription service, the “YouTube Music Pass.” However many independent record labels and artists state they are being strong armed into contracts that are nowhere near the same as the major labels. If the labels and artist do not agree to the terms, the content that they currently have on the site would be removed!

Personally, YouTube is the way that I discover new and unsigned artists.  For them to abandon some of what actually made them successful is a bit absurd to me.

What do you think? Is this a smart move for YouTube and its parent company, Google? Or is all just a huge mistake?!

For more info, check out the Forbes article here.