Last month 3 Great White sharks were spotted off the coast of the Long Island Sound as they migrate North to cooler waters. According to Fox 5 New York, scientists have been tracking them and have even named them, Charlotte, Martha, and Monomoy. That sounds cute but are they innocent or dangerous to us humans?

Experts claim beachgoers are not at risk but anyone in their 50's or older that saw the movie 'Jaws' when it was released in 1975 will never be completely convinced of that. Should you spot a shark near the beach, you are urged to stay away.

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Shark sightings in the waters of New York are not uncommon. One man even claims to have spotted a Smooth Dogfish Shark in the Hudson River. Newsday reports that during the Summer of 2020, nearly twice as many sharks were reported in the waters of New York from Long Beach to Jones Beach. Last July a fisherman on Nickerson Beach at Lido Beach, New York, caught and released this Bull Shark: Eyewitness News ABC7NY
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According to the Department of Environmental Conservation, there are several species of sharks in the waters around New York. Certain biological characteristics of sharks can decide which type of habitat they are often found in.

Here are some of the dangerous and not so dangerous 'jaws' found in New York waters.

Sharks of New York

There are several species of shark in the waters around New York.

Rat Island New York

The smallest island in New York City is Rat Island but the origin of the name has nothing to do with rodents.

New York's Little Island

After 10 years, New York's "Little Island" is now open.

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