Christmas is one week away. I have done zero Christmas shopping but I have a list of things to get. Every year I plan to start my shopping the week of Thanksgiving in hopes of not having to worry about shopping at the last minute, but that never happens.

Studies have shown that almost 60% of adults do last minute shopping. I can say I fall into that percentage. Reports also say that 35% of people get wait to the last minute and get anxiety while shopping. That part I do not get (Thank god).

There are some pros and cons to shopping late. One good thing is that you might catch those last minute doorbusters being that most places are trying to clear out to restock for next season stuff. One negative about shopping late is you can never find what you want and ordering it online is out the question because it probably won't arrive on time.

If you are a last minute shopper like myself share this post, and if you are ahead of the game and get the job done in time well pat yourself on the back and continue to be great :).

Scott Olsen, Getty Images
Scott Olsen, Getty Images

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