Lil Pump got in trouble with the law once again, but this time, it seems like TSA agents may have mistakenly instigated the situation.

On Thursday (Dec. 13), the 2018 XXL Freshman arrived at Miami International Airport to catch a flight to L.A. According to TMZ, Pump and his crew had already boarded the flight and were about to take off when flight attendants indicated that there was an issue. That's when Pump and his team were directed to exit the plane, and met cops at the terminal gate.

According to airline sources, police questioned the "I Love It" rapper about the smell of weed that was coming from his bag. TSA agents had flagged a bag that smelled like weed and was "mistagged." After vehemently denying the existence of any drugs on him, no drugs were found in the bag. However, Pump and his crew were arrested after they allegedly became disorderly during an argument with police.

The incident comes about a week after Pump was released from a jail in Denmark for a similar charge. During his recent EuroTrip, the Harverd Dropout rapper had been detained by Copenhagen police after being caught with weed and taunting the offer who arrested him. After being released from jail, Pump and his crew were immediately banned from returning to the country.

XXL has reached out to Lil Pump's team for comment.

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