Offset is still pining for Cardi B.

Although the couple have separated, the Migos rapper hopes to celebrate Kulture’s first Christmas with his soon-to-be ex-wife, according to a report from TMZ today (Dec. 13).

Sources close to the couple have told the outlet that the 2018 XXL Winter Issue cover star is eager to spend time with Kulture and Cardi during the holidays. The Atlanta rhymer is known for being a generous gift giver and wants to shower his new baby with a slew of presents. And, of course, he wants to give lavish gifts to his ladylove Cardi as well.

There’s no word if Cardi will allow Offset to join her and Kulture for Christmas. An insider told TMZ that she has yet to make plans for the holidays.

But Offset has to play Santa Claus for a few more kids as well. The "ZeZe" rapper has three children from previous relationships that he has to deliver gifts too, so he’s going to be very busy this holiday season.

Since their breakup, both Offset and Cardi have addressed their separation on social media. Last Sunday (Dec. 9), the five-time Grammy nominee went on Instagram story to deny that their breakup was a publicity stunt.

"I don’t even give a fuck about publicity,” she said. “I be telling blogs not to even fucking post about me, so why would you even fucking think that I would put my fucking family in some bullshit?”

Meanwhile, Offset has proclaimed on Twitter that he still misses her better half. "FUCK YALL I MISS CARDI," he tweeted.

Hopefully, Offset will get to spend some time with Kulture and Cardi B during the holiday season.

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