Parents who have children with Autism have been making plans for their sons or daughters their entire lives. Having A disability shouldn't stop people from living a normal life. So In Cohoes There is going to be a apartment complex that has housing and services specifically for people with Autism.

In the next 18-24 months, an empty lot between Ontario Street and Sargent Avenue in Cohoes will become 68 units of living space. The first floor, however, will house job training and placement offices, a physician to meet the needs of people on the spectrum and life skills coaches.

"All the services we need to be a productive part of this community will be in one place," explains Sheri Townsend of the Spotted Zebra, one of the partners working to make Mosaic Village a reality.

I think that this is incredible there is going to be a place for people with autism to live enjoy their life and have the services that they need. These young people might have a hard time adapting to living independently, but everybody needs a helping hand, and nobody can do everything on their own. This needs to happen for other people with challenges such as ADHD, Deletion 22Q, Down syndrome, torettes syndrome & Aspergers.