This go round the 'Old Farmer's Almanac' has released their Winter forecast, and it paints a different picture than the 'Farmer's Almanac.'

I know, I was surprised as well when I learned a few weeks ago there are 2 Farmer's Almanacs. They both forecast the weather for the upcoming seasons, and this year their Winter forecasts are completely different.

2 weeks ago I reported the 'Farmer's Almanac' forecast which said we could expect a cold and snowy winter in the Northeast. Here is where the fun starts: the Old Farmer's Almanac is forecasting a warm, wet winter for the Northeast according to a News 10 report.

So, there you have it. Two almanacs, two different winter forecasts for the Capital Region of New Your and the Northeast. Maybe we need a 3rd almanac to say we will have normal temps and dry weather this winter? One of the three is bound to get it right!


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