A fifth lawsuit has been filed against a local bishop accusing him of sexual abuse that dates back into the 1970s.

Retired Bishop Howard J. Hubbard, of Albany, has been accused for the fifth time of sexual abuse. A lawsuit was filed on the week of Aug. 10 in the state Supreme Court in Albany by a 55-year-old man. The name of the victim has not been released, but it has been reported that he now lives in South Carolina.

The lawsuit claims that when the man was a 10-year-old boy, he was an altar boy at Saint James Parish, and that is where the alleged abuse began. Bishop Hubbard allegedly abused the boy from 1974 until 1976.

Bishop Hubbard was first accused of child abuse in 2004, but he was cleared of those charges by the US attorney for the Southern District of New York.

He retired in 2014, but he remained active in the ministry. He took a leave of absence in 2019 after an allegation was made against him. Since that time more victims have come forward.

Bishop Hubbard is now 81 years old and he adamantly denies all of the allegations.

The Diocese of Albany declined making a comment on this specific allegation, but Mary DeTurris, Albany’s Diocesan Director of Communication, made a general statement. She said, “The diocese of Albany remains focused on survivors, intent on making sure the truth comes out in every case that has been filed. As always, we urge anyone who has been abused to contact local law enforcement and our diocese and assistance, coordinator.“

It is tragic anytime someone is abused. It is especially disturbing when a trusted adult, a leader in a religious environment, takes advantage of young children. I sincerely hope that all of the victims will get the justice they deserve. I also hope that any other potential victims would come forward and make their claims known.

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