This is crazy! A video shows detectives entering a man's home after they had just arrested him. No search warrant for probable cause or anything.

They allegedly took a shoe box, according to TWC News, which the man claims had $3,000 in it. The detectives claim the box had marijuana and crack in it. They didn't include the items in their evidence report. That makes the situation even more suspect.


Another video surveillance camera inside the building shows the three detectives stopping in the vestibule and using Horne's keys to open his mailbox. After checking the mail, they climbed the stairs to the second-floor apartment. More than 20 minutes later, the video shows the detectives descending the stairs and leaving the building, with one of the men holding a shoebox. Horne claims the box contained more than $3,000, according to his attorney, Cheryl Coleman.

"If you go in somebody's house, outside your authority," she said, "it's a burglary."