This is definitely blank stare news. Afroman was performing, yes he still gets booked to perform and during his performance a drunk female fan hopped on the stage. The rest is tragic take a look at the video :

While I don't agree with what Afroman did, he didn't have to hit that woman like that. To his defense it is annoying to have some drunk bothering you while your trying to perform, and it raises a serious double standard we have as a society. If that was a guy he would've gotten rushed asap.

Female rubbing her ass on man = "lol, that's funny"

Male rubbing his ass on female = "SEXUAL ASSAULT, HE'S RAPING HER"

If Taylor Swift slapped a guy rubbing his ass up against her and her nails gouged his eyes, everyone would be cheering her on and it would probably be deserved. I hope the drunk woman is okay. Afroman is probably going to jail.