Twenty-six-year old Oakland rapper AllBlack has carved out a niche all his own. As boisterous as he is thoughtful, AllBlack uses his music to share the lessons he's learned from the other side of the tracks, while trying to make things right within his soul for his past transgressions. It has the familiar Bay Area bounce but with a different filter over it; it's almost like a dark carnival version of Oakland's tried and true sound.

With multiple projects to his name, with 2018's Outcalls being his true arrival,AllBlack is well on his way. He closed out 2018 with 2 Minute Drills, his collab EP with the red-hot Kenny Beats, further proving how far he's willing to take his sound. To showcase what he's working with lyrically, AllBlack shares a few bars for XXL's What I Do freestyle series.

To begin his verse, AllBlack takes people to task for lying about their history while explaining what he's been up to. "Still spendin' money I made six months ago in Austin/Boy, you broke, foolin' them hoes, knock off all that jawsin'/On 9, 10, chasin' them bands, that's why you don't see me often," he brags.

He rhymes more about what kind of life he's living: "None of my bitches cattin' off, all of ’em in pocket/Two ollies, one kickflip, baby I'm Tony Hawkin'/These ain't Shaqs, these Jimmy Choos that came from Neiman Marcus."

When asked about his measured yet forceful style, AllBlack credits repetition and being from Oakland. "Honestly, just stayin' in the gym," he shares. "I'm really outside. I just wanna stay humble. My whole style is AllBlack. It's Oakland, that’s the whole team. I wanna represent the right way, the whole gang, the whole Left Coast."

Catch AllBlack's new freestyle up top.

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