Run The Jewels 3 Now El-P and Killer Mike always push the envelope further than most of the game. They spoke the truth on this album they hold nothing back on this project they spoke how they really feel.

They definitely ruffled some feathers on police violence and all the craziness going on in this country. The thing about Run The Jewels is that they come uncut and real and really authentic with what they spitting. More MC’s need to rap about these issues and just maybe something will be done in this country and all this discrimination will come to an end but until then these things will continue to happen and nothing will change if we keep pushing these issues under the rug.

Out of the 3 Run The Jewels projects this one has to be the best one for sure off the fact that they didn’t care if they made some people uncomfortable but you got to do that sometimes to get your point across to get these issues to stop and get the people who are in charge of stopping these terrible things from happening to know very openly that this is wrong.

What a way to end the year man the end of the year album wise was nothing short of incredible just week after week of dope music it was such a great time to be a music collector. Run The Jewels put a bow on another incredible year for Hip-Hop for sure and they just topped it off.

Here’s the link to this political master piece of a album Enjoy Ya’ll

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