Okay, so we all know that Lupe loves to stir the pot right. Lupe just went IN on this album the beats the lyrics most importantly were on-point for sure. He’s one of the most underrated MCs out there, Lupe always loves to push the envelope and he is always successful when he does so.

His flow on this album is just so different on every song but he is consistent throughout for sure rapping about the problems that are going on in this crazy dangerous world that we live in he’s one of the best Conscious Hip-Hop artists that’s picked up a mic and is still killing it to this day.

Man this year just keeps getting better album wise I mean it just keeps getting better lots of quality music coming out and music with meaning which is even better.

Now here’s the link to this Rap Album of the Year Contender https://open.spotify.com/album/2utMSPHiSIHEg2vb9awgDi

Enjoy your ears will thank you and your mind will also.

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