We are only 2 weeks into the new year and it seems that the Albany violence situation is still going to be a problem.

Saturday night Albany officers found a 13-year-old female victim with a gunshot wound to the leg. Officers responded to the area of North Swan and 3rd Streets shortly after 8pm, fortunately the victim was treated at the scene and transported to Albany Medical Center with non-life-threatening injuries.

The community wants answers to the Albany violence that has taken place. There was a shooting Friday night where someone else was shot in the leg as well, folks are wondering if this is related. Sounds like retaliation to me, but are people really gonna be on that type of vibe in 2020? Haven’t we lost enough lives? Our children don’t deserve to be in the crossfires of gun violence, we should be out here protecting them.

Anyone with information needs to call the Albany Police Detective Division at 518-462-8039. If you do not want to be known, then submit your anonymous tip to Capital Region Crime Stoppers at www.capitalregioncrimestoppers.com

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