It is pretty obvious we have not gotten a lot of snow this winter. But who knew we were this far off the Albany average.

Its one of those classic love it or hate scenarios. Our lack of snow this winter is a dream for some, and a major bummer for others. While it has certainly been cold this winter, we just have not gotten a lot of snow. In fact, we are sitting at less than 50 percent of our typical snowfall up to this point.

How Much Snow Does Albany Typically Average Through January?

According to the National Weather Service of Albany, during a typical Albany winter we would have about 31 inches of total snowfall through January.

How Much Snow Has Albany Gotten This Winter?

When you see these numbers, you will realize just how weak winter 2021-22 has been when it comes to snowfall. So far, we have only gotten 13.8 inches of snow in Albany. The National Weather Service says this 17 inches below normal. But, that could all change later this week!

As we reported earlier today, winter storm Landon is making its way across the country and will impact Upstate New York later this week with the potential for some decent snowfall Thursday night into Friday.

Landon could bring a mix of rain, sleet and snow, but as of now, it looks like we could see mostly snow on Friday with a chance for that big snowfall we have been waiting for.. The way things have gone this winter, we will believe it when we see it here in the Capital Region!

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