More than three years after Donald “Dontay” Ivy died while in police custody, Albany is looking to settle with the family for $625,000.

According to Times Union

Common Council act swiftly in approving this bond ordinance as the Ivy family and the community continues to heal from the events surrounding his tragic death."

Ivy, an unarmed mentally ill black man, died in 2015 during a confrontation with Albany police in which he was Tasered, chased and tackled while walking down an Arbor Hill street.

The family initially was seeking 20 million for the unarmed man's death. Do you think 625,000 is worth a life? A lot of time the families of the victims get these settlements and you never hear them speak again about injustice, or do anything with the money to prevent the next tragedy. Police brutality and unnecessary use of force are bigger issues that no amount of money can change the tragedy.

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