Here we go telling folks what to do with their bodies again. 

Last week, a few dozen nurses at Albany Medical Center were suspended and given seven days to get the flu shot. Well now that time is up and they risk getting fired. 

Albany Medical Center Hospital says fewer than 10 staff members declined the shot, but have not said if those people have been fired.

Why can’t they just wear masks like almost every other hospital? Why is this now being mandated, as it’s being said that Albany Medical Center is the only hospital in the area demanding this. 

I personally REFUSE to get the flu shot, I’ve been fine without it all these years. I think the paranoia that the media runs through our minds sometimes, that we must get vaccinated for this specific sickness to be prevented is why everyone has been running to get the flu shot. 

I do feel bad if these nurses lose their jobs because they are standing by their convictions of not being told what to do with their bodies. But at the end of the day, you have a family to feed, you have bills and financial responsibilities you have to think about. Is it worth it? 

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