Another example of terrible parenting, that will be blamed on drug addiction, right here in Albany. A woman fell asleep while using narcotics in from of her 13-month-old daughter and guess what happened.... the child ingested the drugs. Heres how it all went down according to WRGB.

They say 25-year-old Carli Donovan fell unconscious while using the drug at her home on Third Street in Albany late Tuesday evening. That’s when the child found it.

Mom later woke up, realized what was happening and took the daughter to the hospital.

She's now charged with reckless endangerment and child endangerment and sent to Albany County Jail.

The child was given Narcan and is stable.

I wonder if CPS took her children away from her or are they giving her a second chance. Some mistakes don't fix themselves and this child could have died as a result of this woman's irresponsibility. Narcan is controversial sometimes, but I think we're all happy it exists right now.

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