We are living in stressful times and a road rage incident led to a suspect being charged with several felony offenses.

Even though we are going through times that are filled with tension, we cannot allow the stressful environment to spill over into road rage, or it could lead to some serious consequences.

When keeping it real goes wrong, According to News10, an Albany man, Julian Desimone, let the pressure of driving lead him to some unwise decisions. It all started on I-90 near the exit ramp to Exit 8, when the unnamed victim in the incident allegedly cut the suspect off in traffic.

When the two drivers were stopped at a red light at the intersection of Routes 4 and Route 43 they became involved in a verbal altercation. The drivers then proceeded to Rt. 43 at Best Road, and this time they became involved in a physical altercation.

According to the Greenbush Police Department, Mr. Desimone allegedly approached the victim in an aggressive manner with a knife. The victim sustained a minor injury from the knife during the incident. The suspect also allegedly snatched the victim’s phone and broke it.

The Chief of the Greenbush Police Department spoke about the incident. He reminded motorists to call the police if they feel that another motorist is driving in an unsafe manner.

Mr. Desimone was charged with Robbery in the first-degree (Felony); Robbery in the second-degree (Felony); Assault in the second-degree (Felony); Criminal Mischief in the third-degree (Felony); Criminal Possession of a Weapon with Intent to Use in the-fourth degree (Misdemeanor); Menacing in the second-degree (Misdemeanor); and Petit Larceny (Misdemeanor).

Mr. Desimone is due back in court next month after being arraigned at the North Greenbush Town Court.

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