Just when you think that you’ve heard it all, another crazy story comes along to make you think that it can’t possibly be true. Unfortunately for four women in Albany, the stories are true. An Albany man has been arrested for performing lewd acts in front of them after he asked for directions.

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Albany Police Officers report that they arrested an Albany man who approached four women and asked for directions and then allegedly exposed himself in front of them, then he allegedly proceeded to masturbate.

Law enforcement officers report that on June 17, around 7:45 a.m., they were called to Holland Avenue near Cornell Drive where a woman was victimized.

Officers say that 33-year old Matthieu Burks allegedly exposed himself to a woman after he asked her for directions. Once his genitals were exposed, the suspect allegedly masturbated and then drove off.

The suspect drove to Hackett Boulevard near Saint James Place and once again allegedly exposed himself and masturbated after he asked a woman for directions. He then proceeded to drive to Academy Road and New Scotland Avenue where he allegedly victimized two more women.

Officers were able to arrest Burks after he was allegedly seen speeding in the area of Morris and Ontario Streets. Because his speeding vehicle matched the description that the women gave to officers, they stopped him on the 600 block of Park Avenue.

Officers arrested Burks and charged him with four counts of Public Lewdness. He was also charged with Speeding and Failure to Stop for a Red Light. He is scheduled to appear in Albany Criminal Court on June 28, 2021.

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