Learning how other cultures can make Holidays even more enjoyable and also helps to add a little variety to the season.  For example Junkanoo is a street parade with music, dance, and costumes of Igbo origin in many towns across the Bahamas every Boxing Day (December 26) and New Year's Day (January 1).  I actually got to attend the parade last year and it was actually more exciting than any American Holiday parade I have ever attended.

The Capital District of New York Caribbean Amercian Cultural Assocition is bring the fun to Albany.  Bring the family out to learn all of this and more at the Caribbean Christmas and Kwanzaa Celebration This Saturday from 2pm to 4 pm. It will be located at the Washington Avenue branch of the Albany Public Library (161 Central Ave.).

Learning about how other cultures celebrate the holiday, can also add variety to your Holiday meal here are some of the foods that are popular on other cultures holiday menu :

  • Red sorrel : is a Jamaican variation on hibiscus tea, and is traditionally paired with black cake during Christmas.
  • Turron : A Spanish delicacy of nougat studded with nuts (usually almonds) or seeds, turrón is popular as a Christmas treat in Puerto Rico and Cuba
  • Arroz Con Dulce : Rice puddings pop up in Christmas spreads everywhere, from the Caribbean to Scandinavia to the Philippines
  • Rice and Peas (Arroz con Gandules) : Although the name suggests otherwise, there are no peas in Jamaica’s rice and peas. Instead, “peas” here refers to beans. And while rice and peas is an everyday dish in Jamaica
  • Black Cake : Fruitcake has a deservedly bad reputation in the States, but don’t let that dissuade you from trying its Caribbean counterpart, the black cake. Popular in Jamaica, Bermuda, St. Vincent, and other Caribbean islands

This should be a fun filled family event for the family stop by the Albany Public Library (161 Central Ave.). This Saturday from 2pm to 4 pm, for the Caribbean Christmas and Kwanzaa Celebration.