Yesterday there were several fights that disrupted an unannounced fire drill. School was dismissed 15 minutes early and law enforcement was called to arrest several students. Albany High released this to the public.


Albany High School and Tony Clement Center for Education will be closed Friday to allow staff to conduct a thorough investigation of the incidents that led to Thursday’s early dismissal, said City School District of Albany Superintendent Kaweeda G. Adams.

Albany High dismissed about 15 minutes early Thursday when several fights among students started outside during an unannounced fire drill near the end of the school day. The Albany Police Department responded to assist with dismissal.

Police arrested 10 Albany High students; additional arrests may be pending. No weapons were involved or confiscated during Thursday’s fights.

Albany High staff are continuing to investigate the incident in partnership with Albany police. The school will adhere strictly to disciplinary procedures for any students found to have played any role in Thursday’s events, Adams said.

Staff will review security videos Friday to identify students who contributed to Thursday’s incident, Adams said. Additional student suspensions are anticipated.

“We will not let the inappropriate actions of a small number of our students impact the learning environment for the rest of our students and our staff,” Adams said. “This behavior will not be tolerated and we will deal with it swiftly and appropriately. It is absolutely unacceptable.”

Albany High also will partner with police for added security at school Monday as a precaution, Adams said.

“The safety of all of our students and staff is a top priority every day,” she said. “We will take all necessary precautions to ensure that Albany High continues to be a safe and secure place moving forward.”

This is the result of the world star society we live in where, camera phones make people feel like instant professional fighters. Albany High School isn't the first or last place that this happens.

I think the school should bring in a principal like Joe Clark and ban phones from the campus. The administration needs to take a page out of Lean on Me and all of the students should learn and know the school song by the first.

Just kidding but high schools and students are faced with new technology that makes something like a fight seem way bigger than it did 10, or 20 years ago. High School students are going to fight, but when it gets so out of control they have to shut down school the next day is ridiculous.

They will probably make examples out of the disorderly students with harsh penalties, that will probably change their lives. All for a High School fight, we have got to start teaching our kids to do better.

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