Just like every other team or sports league the Albany Empire has had its share of issues and even delays as it's prepared to return to play at the Times Union Center. A delayed start, limited capacity, and even the last-minute resignation of coach Rob Keefe have not stopped the Empire ownership's dedication to kick off in 2021. Just a day after the news of Coach Keefe stepping down the Empire has released the new uniforms for the return of the Empire.

It's hard to imagine a team conquering so many obstacles before they even get a chance to suit up and play but after speaking to the new owners of the Albany Empire arena football team yesterday they remain dedicated to bringing football back to the Capital Region on May 22nd, 2021. To prove that plan is still in effect they sent me the new uniforms to share with all of you.

I have to say I am a fan of what I'm seeing. Thank god they play on turf because these white uniforms are awesome.

Empire White

AS much as I like the white uniforms I LOVE the Blues.

Empire Blue
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I have to believe any team that can stay dedicated to the community and fight as hard as the Empire is to honor a commitment to play when they have 100 legit excuses to punt to next year has my respect. Saturday, May 22nd is coming quick and I for one can't wait to see these new uniforms in action. I really only have one question about the new Empire jersey's is can I get a 3 XLT of each???

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