Albany will no longer have DMV office in downtown Albany next month the office will move to an undisclosed location. For a lot of people who work downtown, the new office might actually be more inconvenient than the old one. That being said, I don't know too much about this particular DMV from personal experience. You all are going to have to fill me on what this means for our listeners.

According to Times Union:


"The new centrally located office will be easy to access via public transportation and will also provide plenty of parking," OGS officials said in an emailed statement.

According to McCoy, the DMV office's last day at South Pearl Street will be Oct. 31. However, OGS says it plans to stay there until the new Central Avenue location is ready, which is expected to be in the beginning of 2019.

Do you think this move is a good idea? I have never been to Albany DMV, I do everything online. This is another reason for the relocation, I would rather go online then struggle to find a parking spot and then wait in line forever just to renew a license plate.

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