Looking for a job that you can turn into a career? There may be more options than you think.

In 2022, the societal belief is that getting a four-year degree is almost a necessity in order to live a successful, and profitable, life in the United States. That couldn't be further from the truth, however, as a number of other well-paying jobs are available to citizens everywhere, including New York, without needing a four-year degree.

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In the Capital Region, and around Albany, a two-year degree can work wonders for those looking to find a career that can support them, and support their families. The types of jobs that you can work are vast, as well, ranging from science and medicine, to labor and construction and beyond.

The website Stacker seeks out statistics on a wide range of lifestyle topics, and creates rankings based on the statistics they find. This time around, Stacker found statistics on the average salaries in the Capital Region metro area of jobs that require a two-year degree, and ranked 33 total jobs by the average salary.

Though they are at the other end of the list, a number of notable professions also cracked Stacker's list, including preschool teachers, veterinarians, environmental scientists/engineers and many more.

Hopefully, your takeaway from the below list of 10 jobs is the same as mine: there are numerous career options for everyone, regardless of education or background. These professions are extremely noble, and allow for Capital Region residents to provide for themselves and for their families.

With that said, here are ten jobs that you can get in the Albany area with a two-year degree, and the average salary you'd make.

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