A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie thinks rappers are swagger-jacking his style.

On Saturday (Feb. 8), the Bronx rapper hopped on Twitter to express his frustration over what he feels is a number of artists who are intentionally trying to sound like him.

"Iight bet," he started. "Keep on tryna sound like me without showing love and ima start to sue ya mf’s. Fr tho this shit is getting outta hand. I’m not tryna knock nobody hustle I’m just getting sick of the craft ya bringing to the table. Making this shit boring."

Boogie's frustrations bubble to the surface as he is prepping the release of his third album, Artist 2.0. He recently released the LP single, "King of My City."

The new album will follow the chart topping 2018 album, Hoodie SZN, which featured the single "Look Back at It" as well as guest appearances from Juice Wrld, 6ix9ine, Young Thug, Lil Durk, PnB Rock, Don Q and more.

On Thursday (Feb. 5), Boogie shared the cover art for his anticipated new album along with the caption, "The expression of creative skill and imagination, producing work to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power. Album on the way! Sorry for the wait."

In November, Boogie announced he will be taking a break from music following the release of Artist 2.0.

"This might be my last project for a while," he wrote on his Instagram Story. "I wanna take a break from music after Artist 2.0 tour is over. There's a lot of things I want to do in life and it's just moving too fast for me to focus on everything at once. But I will never let my fans down. When you need me most, I'll be there."

Artist 2.0 still lacks a concrete release date but should be dropping soon.

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