6ix9ine made an appearance on social media over the weekend, but won't be returning to his old trolling ways.

Tekashi, who was officially released from prison on Thursday (April 2) due to the coronavirus pandemic, will be allowed to use social media while finishing out his prison sentence on home confinement. However, TMZ reports that although 6ix9ine has been permitted internet access, the rapper will have to be mindful of what he posts because his probation officer will be surveilling his accounts.

On Monday morning (April 6), Lance Lazarro, an attorney for 6ix9ine, confirmed to XXL that the rapper will not be trolling or starting feuds with other rappers on social media because his accounts are being monitored.

Ironically, 6ix9ine appeared in The Shade Room's Instagram comments on Sunday (April 5) under a post revealing that Los Angeles' mayor was offering rewards to people who were willing to tell on their neighbors for disobeying the city's stay-at-home order.

TheShadeRoom via Instagram
TheShadeRoom via Instagram

"Coming to the rescue," Tekashi wrote in his first social media comment since being released from prison.

6ix9ine received approval to serve the remainder of his sentence at home last Thursday due to his asthma condition, which would have made his battle against the coronavirus difficult if he was to contract the illness while in prison.

Hours after it was revealed that Tekashi was going to be released early, the rapper's other attorney, Dawn Florio, confirmed to XXL that not only will he be allowed back on social media, but 6ix9ine will also be working on new music. This new music includes both a Spanish and an English album.

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