Lil Yachty is back getting his fans to do something strange for some change on Instagram Live. On one of his latest episodes, the Atlanta rapper gets a fan to drink urine.

In the clip, which surfaced on Sunday (April 5), Boat tells the guy he will give him $500 to drink pee. Instead of getting it from the source, the guy actually fills his cup with pee already in the toilet. Yachty and his two pals look on in amazement as the fan raises the cup filled with pee to his lips. Yachty has his hands covering his mouth in disbelief. The guy takes a big swig and stops.

"Keep going, keep going, keep going. Hit it," Boat urges. "You got it, keep going," he adds sounding like a coach motivating an athlete.

After a brief break, the fan says "this is easy" and continues on. He takes another gulp before visibly looking like he is about to vomit. He tries again and struggles to get the loin lemonade down despite being egged on by Yachty and his crew. He finally downs the whole cup and Yachty pays up.

The rapper retweeted video of the moment onto his account, which prompted a critic to sound off. "@lilyachty is a coward for even acknowledging this. This video is trash. People are dying every minute from a real crisis and your over here making people drink pee for money. Your a lame," the Twitter user tweeted.

Yachty caught wind of the comment and fired back. "Boy suck my dick I ain’t make him do dat shit he wanted some money lol," he wrote in response.

Yachty, clearly bored on coronavirus quarantine, has been having fans pull stunts on his Live for a $200 CashApp donation to stay entertained for the past few weeks. The acts for his IG "talent show" have ranged from strange to just disgusting. Last month, he paid a kid to shave his eyebrows. He also got one fan to fight with their friend. He convinced others to eat stomach turning items like deodorant, a condom and dog food with milk. Strange times.

In other Yachty-related news, his new single "Oprah's Bank Account" recently received praise from Oprah Winfrey herself.

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