6ix9ine might be the most polarizing rapper on the planet right now, but he doesn't seem the least bit affected by his haters. The rapper-federal informant is even gloating over the fact that he is having success despite being labeled a snitch.

On Sunday (May 10), Tekashi posted a video clip from TMZ in which the staff opined about whether or not he would be successful when returning to rap after working with the federal government to help take down the Nine Trey Gangsta Bloods gang. The consensus was that he would not have a shot. If the numbers surrounding his limited integration back into the rap game via his new single "Gooba" are any indication, it looks like thoughts of his demise were premature.

In the caption for the video, which he's since deleted, the rapper wrote, "IMAGINE my career was over for snitchin you guys would laugh at me alllllllllllllllllll dayyyyyyyy and cancel me BUT if I WIN ya get mad and make excuses and scream NOBODY CARESSSSSSS so ima rub this shit in because now it’s MY TURN ❤️ I didn’t miss a thing ... I saw it all. So who’s gonna hold this L?"

6ix9ine via Instagram
6ix9ine via Instagram

Tekashi drew eye-popping numbers for his new single and anticipated Instagram Live session where he opened up about snitching. The video for the song accumulated over 40 million views in 24 hours. Nearly 2 million people tuned into his first Instagram Live session.

Things haven't been all roses for the rapper since he returned to the limelight. On Saturday (May 9), he was forced to relocate from the private residence where he was serving out the remainder of his house arrest term after the location was compromised by one of his neighbors.

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