Thanksgiving is this Thursday and I don’t know about you but I can’t wait to get together with family and eat good food. Planning a party however could be a lot of work and especially doing so last minute could cause a lot of frustration.

I’m no stranger to partying but I also don’t cook often and if I do it’s a meal that eats for two haha.

According to The Muse here are a few tips to making sure your Thanksgiving party is everything.

1) Get you a nice hearty turkey

2) Plan out your dinner menu, know who is cooking what (this time is very crucial so only real cookers should offer to bring a dish)

3) Prep meals the day before

4) Get some nice fall decor (Dollar Store is a great bargain store to shop for holiday events)

5) Create a bomb ass playlist that carries the vibes all day (you don’t want to have a dry ass party)

6) Enjoy the day don’t stress over anything because tomorrow it won’t matter. :)


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