50 Cent was not having it when an aspiring rapper attempted to get his attention while the G-Unit rapper was out on a date.

In a video shared to Instagram on Wednesday night (June 5), a rapper who has been identified as New Jersey artist NFL Dume can be seen approaching a pretty unwelcoming Fif. While the initial conversation is inaudible, you can see that 50 appears to be pretty unreceptive to the whole interaction before he appears to square up. At that point, Dume steps back and asks, "You gon' hit me because I'm telling you I got talent?"

Over the course of two separate clips, 50 goes on to tell the rapper that he will never make it because his approach is off, noting that having someone look at your Instagram page is never going to get you a rap career.

"Are you crazy, though?" 50 asks. "It's not gon' work. Your shit is not gon' work. You know why? Because you're stupid. The way you're approaching it is wrong! There's nothing you can play right now. There's nothing you can show me right now that's gon' help you."

When Dume says he can show him his Instagram, 50 replies, "'Look at my IG' is gon' help you right now?!"

You can view the interactions between 50 and Dume for yourself below. Peep reactions to the interaction beneath the videos.


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