50 Cent is accused of jacking a beat from up-and-coming New Jersey rapper pineappleCITI. The rising rap star claims that 50 jacked the beat from “Rose Colored” and used it for “On Something,” which is the theme song to his BET variety show, 50 Central.

In a series of videos on her Instagram page, pineappleCITI reveals that she had a conversation with 50’s camp about using her song but was blindsided by the fact that he dropped “On Something” without discussing business with her. The rising rap star has been reaching out to 50 to no avail so she had to put him on blast via the ‘Gram.

"BELIEVE IN YOURSELF PEOPLE. [50 Cent] I appreciate you having your engineer reach out to me. But I’d love to hear from you bro," she wrote. "Issa respect ting! We all just tryna Get Rich or Die Trying Out here."

Rapper pineappleCITI even posted "receipts" which shows that G-Unit wanted to have her featured on a new version of “On Something.” But according to the N.J. rapper, 50 Cent has blocked her.

"I told y’all he was watching!! Smh Fif I thought it would be love," she wrote. "I appreciate you having people reach out but I need to hear from you. The crazy thing is, this ain’t even about me. Too many times I’ve seen this happen to artists. This shit happens to my good friends in Jersey. We tryna survive & feed our families."

"Creativity and Individuality should be cherished, not shunned," she continued. "[50 Cent] all I’m asking for is a phone call. I’m a fan. I love you brah. Show some love back. Love conquers all."

50 Cent has yet to address this alleged case of beat jacking.

We also posted pineappleCITI's song "Rose Colored" and 50 Cent's "On Something" for reference. Check them out below.

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