We've got BJ's and Sam's Club, and here is why we need Costco in our lives.

First and foremost, I am not writing this to bash BJ's or Sam's Club. I love shopping at both, both have their own great benefits and I have had memberships at both! In fact, you will usually find me lined up for samples any given weekend at the BJ's at the Wilton Mall.

But just like Sam's and BJ's have things that the others don't, Costco brings things to the table that would be great to have here in the Capital Region. And hey, I am greedy. I want to have ALL the options. Currently, the closest Costco to us is about 90 minutes away in Springfield, MA. Here are five reasons why I think we need one here in the Capital Region!


  • 1

    6-lb. Tubs of Cookie Dough

    Okay, so my No. 1 reason may not be the most practical. But it is pretty awesome. And I cannot think of one reason why we would not want access to cookie dough in bulk.

  • 2

    Free Food Samples

    I know what you're thinking: BJ's and Sam's already do free food samples. Well if we had a Costco, we would have BJ's, Sam's AND Costco giving out free food samples. More free food is better!

  • 3

    $1.50 Hot Dog & Soda Special

    According to Mashed, you can get a soda and a hot dog at the Costco food court. 'Nuff said.

  • 4

    Return Policy

    Outside of a few exceptions, Costco will take pretty much anything back if you re not satisfied. See their return policy here.

  • 5

    Not Happy? Costco Offers Membership Refunds

    According to Dough Roller, if you are not happy or satisfied with your Costco membership, they offer full refunds of your membership fee. Chances are you will be happy, but just in case - there is no risk here.

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