Well for starters today is his Birthday but that's way  too easy being that he already mentioned that on air and its all over Facebook and social media. But here is 5 facts you you thought you knew about DJ Supreme but didn't quite know what all you were talking about.

Fact 1-Was the first person to actually date Beyonce at the youthful age of 15 and rumor has it he took her virginity and she was head over heels for the guy

Fact 2- He was voted the Number 1 DJ in the world 20 times in the past year and was asked to be the face of CNN but turned down the offer and let Oprah have it

Fact 3- He toured the country with your Favorite President Barack Obama and actually helped pass the Obama Health Care act

Fact 4- Was voted GQ most handsome man of the year 5 years in a row and running.

Fact 5- If you call up to Hot991 and wish DJ Supreme a happy birthday and name theses 5 facts you win a pair of Tory Lanes Tickets to the upstate concert hall instantly TODAY 9-13-16. Call now (518)370-9910